My tiny zines (2 ½ x 2 ½ inches) offer little windows into magical realist realms and tell non-linear stories that are influenced by illustrated children’s literature. The zines feature original pen-and-ink (often with watercolor) drawings depicting self-contained interior landscapes. Linked together in the zine format, the sequences of images form narratives suggestive of adventurers encountering a new world that seems upside-down and pursuing that which is hidden, enigmatic and just out of reach.

Some new zines in progress:

In the realm of magical thought :: vol. two

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In the realm of magical thought :: vol. one

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Little Worlds Gazetteer :: Weather Report

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In 2015, my challenge was to create a zine every month.

Here are the last three of the year!










Here’s a flip-through of September’s:

August’s, an excerpt and in production:


Here’s a flip-through of July’s, a matchbox concertina:

Here’s a sample from June’s:


May’s (Little Worlds Gazetteer Volume 3):




I’m pretty excited about April’s, which is titled Performance Anxiety:Chapter0102 Chapter0304 Chapter0506

March’s (Spiral Galaxies):


February’s (little worlds gazetteer volume two):


January’s (little worlds gazetteer volume one):


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